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Have you discovered our textile news? The cushion covers come loaded with style to fill your home with life. From the most classic models to the latest deco proposals. What is your favorite? In Primer Interio we have created a collection of designer cushion covers so you can dress your bed, sofa or armchairs. The time has come to bet on creativity and create combinations that awaken the senses. Mix textures to get a more cozy feeling. If you dare, you can achieve incredible results.

Cushion covers can do wonders in your home. They provide softness and design, and their colors and patterns create a good atmosphere and shape your personality. You can change the cushion covers quickly to renew the spaces whenever you want.

In Prime Interio we offer you covers for cushions made with the finest yarns in the world and of the highest quality such as cotton, linen, polyester, and polypropylene in affordable prices. This combination of natural and synthetic fibers results in wear and moisture resistant fabric and minimizes the formation of wrinkles, does not accumulate odors and retains its texture for a long time. You will enjoy these products for their body, softness, and brightness that will maintain for many years.

For classic stays, bet on neutral tones such as beige or gray. They are elegant and timeless. They fit in all styles. If you like fresh and cheerful decoration, dare with the most intense colors. In our catalog, you will also find prints of all kinds. The stripes are a sure hit but you can also opt for other drawings. Approach the sea to your home thanks to navy-inspired cushions or spring-filled your living room with floral prints. Get a special and different touch to your sofa or your bed.

The little ones of the house can also fill their bed with cushion covers. Fun and original, they present a design inspired by their favorite colors. Undoubtedly, sleeping with the cushion covers of Prime Interio is the best plan for your family. All our cushions are washable and very versatile. The covers incorporate a zipper on one side, to be able to extract the filling without a problem. And decorating with style can also be a practical issue.


Choose the Cushion Covers for Your Home: Infallible Ideas

Choosing the cushion covers for your home is an easy task and also very rewarding for the great results that can be obtained. The cushion covers are essential complements in interior decoration as they are ideal for breaking monochromatic schemes. In addition, they are the perfect elements to revitalize rooms, providing a new air with little effort.

The cushion covers are ideal for when we change the decoration from one season to another since we can find them with different fabrics, patterns, and textures and according to each season. The rooms, the living room, the garden or balcony are some of the rooms that usually carry cushions as an element of adornment.

The number of cushions that we should use to have a good composition should be between 3 and 5 depending on the size of the bed or sofa. It is advisable to always be an odd number and not overload the furniture too much.


Some details to keep in mind when choosing your cushion cover:


One of the aspects to keep in mind when choosing the correct cushion covers are the colors that we are going to use. First of all, you have to take into account the background color. That is, the color of the sofa or the textiles of the bed. If the background color is neutral, the cushions should be colorful. To do this, choose two or three colors with which to perform contrast.

On the other hand, if the background is colorful, choose two or three colors of the background colors to focus attention on textures or patterns of the cushions. Remember that, as in everything, there must be harmony in the whole.


As with dining chairs, the Mix & Match trend also reaches the cushion covers. So do not be afraid and dare to mix the textures, that is, the fabrics. This will cause a great visual impact. Another of the mixtures that are proposed are those of prints. Surely you have noticed this tendency to see geometric lines with floral patterns or lines in different directions. Apparently, such different patterns have nothing to do, but as a whole, they form a unique harmony.

Shapes and sizes

As expected, choosing the right cushion covers is also about choosing their size and shape. Being an element that belongs to the family of textiles, we find cushion covers of all sizes (large, small, mini) and many shapes (round, square, rectangular).

The key is to use the right size. If our sofa is small, it is not advisable to recharge it with many cushions. On the other hand, if it is large we can use several cushions of different sizes with the ideal cover.

If we want a formal style, all cushions should be of equal size and shape with similar cushion covers. But if the style we want to achieve is more homely and informal, it is better to combine different sizes, different shapes and designs.


Choose the cushion covers according to the season

In the beginning, we said that if we want we can give our rooms the proper atmosphere of each season. To change the season from winter to summer, simply change the cushion covers. From thick fabrics to lighter and with lighter prints, which transmit freshness. There are also winter covers, with fabrics that convey more warmth.

By understanding that we can have different cushions just by changing their cover, we realize the versatility of this element and the many possibilities it offers us.

Combine the cushions with a beautiful Prime Interio covers. The little details say a lot about you. Put style to your home.

Offers for Loyal Customers

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